Here's some random thoughts and theories by Gus Mueller. Feel free to bring them up in random conversations with your local grocer or that kid who mows your lawn.

Mueller Theory #1

The farther away a female is, the more attractive she seems to be to most (95%+) males.
Also known as "The Mueller Theory of Atmospheric Perspective". Atmospheric Perspective is a term used by artists that basically says that the farther away something is, the less detail can be seen, so therefore don't bother painting in every single leaf and just go for the character of tree. But when this idea is applied to women at a distance a man's mind will fill in the missing details with what he hopes the woman will look like, and then projects that on her.

Mueller Thought #1

Reincarnation is the way to go.
As I was walking to the parking garage one day after work, it occurred to me that if there was a heaven, and we got to live forever, wouldn't it get a little stale after a while? What would I do after I free solo El Cap for the 1,000,000th time? What would be fun to look forward too once I have already done everything?

Then the next thought I had was "Well, what if we had our minds erased every 1000 years or so? That way we couldn't remember what we did before, and we could look forward to new and exciting things again...". And then I realized that was reincarnation in a nutshell.

Sounds good to me, and the idea makes me a little bit more ambitious too.