VoodooPad 4 added the ability for plugin authors to add support for specific data types in VoodooPad, which would be saved as a page in the document it was created in. So for instance, if you wanted to support some strange data type, that could be done. Or a custom image viewer, you could do that too. Maybe you fancy an outliner? Or maybe you wanted a little editor for JSTalk pages, which are saved right in the document where you got your syntax highlighting and a little run button.

OK, no big surprise, I just wrote that last one, and here's a movie of it in action: JSTalkInVP.mov. It's not built into VP yet, but I'll get that done for a future release when I'm happier with the UI. Source is here on github.

If you wanted to write your own plugin to do something similar, subclass VPItemController (which is a subclass of NSViewController), register yourself it VP so it knows about your data type, and implement some methods for loading and unloading data, and load a nib of your choice for the UI. It's quite simple, and of course welcome feedback on how to make it better.