Red Sweater Acquires MarsEdit!


Here's a Q and A with Brent and Daniel, and RS's press release.

A little over a year ago as I finished up the MarsEdit 1.1.2 release (I was on contract to work on it), I remember pleading to Brent saying "Don't let me be the last one to work on MarsEdit!". Of course he said I wouldn't be, but I was still worried. So I'm very very happy to see Daniel picking up the torch- not only because it means I won't be the last person to work on it, but because he's a great developer and Daniel is going to be able to give it the love (and updates!) that it deserves.

Here's Brent's post, and Greg Reinacker’s post on the purchase.

I really think this is a great move for everyone involved. NewsGator, Red Sweater, and especially the customers.